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Why Alcowhey?

The Alcowhey technology offers five unique advantages in producing alcohol:

  • Pure – Cleaner alcohol than yeast technologies. The Alcowhey bacteria produce cleaner alcohol without the side streams that are inherent in yeast-based alcohol production.

  • Local – The Alcowhey solution can supply alcohol based on authentic local resources rather than imported ethanol.

  • Sustainable – Whey is most often disposed of. What a waste! It contains valuable lactose from which alcohol can be produced. Let’s recycle!

  • Fast – From whey to alcohol in 24 hours. The Alcowhey bacteria produce alcohol in just 24 hours – faster than most yeast technologies today!

  • Affordable – The equipment needed to start production is relatively inexpensive making it possible for small and medium-sized dairies and distilleries to start producing alcohol low scale.

The alcohol produced can be sold as bulk (96% food grade) or used to produce fine spirits, locally. The solution is up to you.

Our approach

“When we founded Alcowhey in 2017, it was with the clear ambition of addressing two global issues: Alcohol producers use food crops to produce alcohol in a world that is running short of resources – while some dairies dispose of resources in a world that doesn’t need more waste. We can help our customers address both issues – producing pure alcohol from whey in an efficient and sustainable way”



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Our approach

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